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The special protein in dairy products can withstand cardiovascular disease

Recently in the Journal of the National Journal Dairy Science, researchers claimed to have discovered the protein in milk helps the body against cardiovascular disease.

Maillard browning reaction is a reaction between sugars and amino acids complex, when the protein and carbohydrate mix is heated will produce new compounds, some will have a new perfume and other substances. Researchers say eating a compound formed in dairy products can reduce the body's mouse serum total cholesterol levels, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels, while these compounds will be like aspirin as protecting the body against acute pulmonary thromboembolism, but it does not appear like aspirin therapy as risk of occurrence of bleeding events.

Whey protein will produce Maillard reaction product was whey protein concentrate and sodium caseinate, lactose together with heating, followed by the use of lactic acid bacteria will have its manufacturing fermented Maillard product, sodium caseinate and also Maillard reaction occurs to form sodium caseinate and sodium caseinate Maillard reaction product has been fermented.

To determine the effect of antithrombotic drugs, researchers 60 mice were divided into four treatment groups of 15 mice, the first group of mice received PBS, as a negative control group, the second group received aspirin as a positive the control group, the third group received whey protein Maillard reaction products, and the fourth group received the fermented Maillard products to match with the normal diet studies. While researchers used with or without fermentation Maillard reaction product of sodium caseinate to study a variety of diet for another 60 mice to assess the Maillard reaction of sodium caseinate antioxidant activity and cholesterol effect.

Results The researchers found that the Maillard reaction products and fermentation products can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in animal models, in addition to the researchers also noted that the Maillard reaction, sodium caseinate and fermented products should be recommended as an antioxidant and to protect the heart of formulations for a variety of pharmaceutical, functional and cheese industries. The study is currently only in laboratory animal models studied, the researchers will study the post-assessment of dairy products on human cardiovascular health positive effect in humans.