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C-Reactive Protein Assay Kit By Latex Enhanced Immunoturbidimetry Method

  • TypeCardiovascular & Myocardial Enzyme Determination Items
  • Abbreviationhs-CRP
  • Registration NumberHubei FDA (Approval) 2013 No.2401607 (Renew)
  • Product Description C-reactive protein (CRP) is a nonspecific acute-phase protein during inflammation in blood. The change of CRP is faster than ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) in the patients with acute inflammation. CRP is a good indicator not only for inflammation but also for coronary artery disease (CAD) when the concentration is obviously increased. Among the normal healthy persons, the concentration of CRP in the reference range can be estimated and predict the possibility of CAD in the future.
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  • Product Details

    Cat. No. Specifications Total Volume
    SC50A120 / SC50B120 R1:60ml×1 R2:60ml×1 120ml
    SC50A030 R1:15ml×1 R2:15ml×1 30ml
    SC50A080/SC50B080/                SC50H080/SC50F080 R1:40ml×1 R2:40ml×1 80ml
    SC50A160/SC50B160/                         SC50H160/ SC50F160 R1:20ml×4 R2:20ml×4 160ml
    SC50A480/SC50B4860/                     SC50H4860/ SC50F480 R1:20ml×12 R2:20ml×12 480ml
    SC50A480 / SC50B480 R1:60ml×4 R2:60ml×4 480ml
    SC50B040 / SC50A040  R1:20ml×1 R2:20ml×1 40ml
    SC50F060 R1:30ml×1 R2:30ml×1 60ml
    SC50F100/SC50F100 R1:50ml×1 R2:50ml×1 100ml
    SC50B320 / SC50A320  R1:20ml×8 R2:20ml×8 320ml
    SC50B240 / SC50A240  R1:60ml×2 R2:60ml×2 240ml
    SC50B960 / SC50A960  R1:60ml×8 R2:60ml×8 960ml

    Illustration: the letter in the Cat. No. represents different bottle types. Details are as follows:
    A: 7170 Bottle Type
    B: 7060 Bottle Type
    F: Toshiba Bottle Type
    H: 7020 Bottle Type