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High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Assay Kit By Direct Method

  • TypeBlood Lipid Determination Items
  • AbbreviationHDL-C
  • Registration NumberHubei FDA (Approval) 2013 No.2401545(Renew)
  • Product Description Decreased HDL-C level is a single risk factor for ischemic heart disease. Increase or decrease in blood levels is an important indicator for atherosclerosis
  • Bottle TypeBasing on the bottle type, product model can be classified into 7170, 7060, 7020, Beckman, Toshiba, Mindray, Dupont, Innova, Siemens, KHB, Abbott, General type, etc.
  • Protocol Instructions
  • Product Details

    Cat. No. Specifications Total Volume
    SC07A240 R1:60ml×3 R2:60ml×1 240ml
    SC07A032 R1:24ml×1 R2:8ml×1 32ml
    SC07H200/SC07F200 R1:50ml×3 R2:50ml×1 200ml
    SC07D080 R1:30ml×2 R2:20ml×1 80ml
    SC07A480/SC07B480 R1:60ml×6 R2:60ml×2 480ml
    SC07A480 R1:60ml×6 R2:20ml×6 480ml
    SC07A080 / SC07C080 R1:60ml×1 R2:20ml×1 80ml
    SC07B240 R1:90ml×2 R2:60ml×1 240ml
    SC07D080 R1:30ml×2 R2:10ml×2 80ml
    SC07A240 R1:60ml×3 R2:20ml×3 240ml

    Illustration: the letter in the Cat. No. represents different bottle types. Details are as follows:
    A: 7170 Bottle Type
    B: 7060 Bottle Type
    C: Beckman Bottle Type
    D: Common (Universal) Bottle Type
    F: Toshiba Bottle Type
    H: 7020 Bottle Type