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Apolipoprotein E Assay Kit By Immunoturbidimetry Method

  • TypeBlood Lipid Determination Items
  • AbbreviationApoE
  • Registration NumberHubei FDA (Approval) 2013 No.2401734(Renew)
  • Product Description APOE is existing in VLDL、HDL、LDL receptor ligands and plays a very important role in lipid metabolism. 
  • Bottle TypeBasing on the bottle type, product model can be classified into 7170, 7060, 7020, Beckman, Toshiba, Mindray, Dupont, Innova, Siemens, KHB, Abbott, General type, etc.
  • Protocol Instructions
  • Product Details

    Cat. No. Specifications Total Volume
    SC44A240 R1:60ml×3    R2:60ml×1 240ml
    SC44A020 R1:15ml×1 R2:5ml×1 20ml
    SC44B120 R1:90ml×1 R2:30ml×1 120ml
    SC44H120/SC44F120 R1:45ml×2 R2:30ml×1 120ml
    SC44A240 R1:60ml×3 R2:20ml×3 240ml
    SC44A640 R1:60ml×8 R2:20ml×8 640ml
    SC44A640 R1:60ml×8 R2:40ml×4 640ml
    SC44A080 / SC44C080 R1:60ml×1 R2:20ml×1 80ml
    SC44B240 R1:90ml×2 R2:60ml×1 240ml
    SC44A160 R1:60ml×2 R2:20ml×2 160ml
    SC44A060 R1:45ml×1 R2:15ml×1 60ml
    SC44A320 R1:60ml×4 R2:20ml×4 320ml
    SC44A320 R1:60ml×4 R2:40ml×2 320ml

    Illustration: the letter in the Cat. No. represents different bottle types. Details are as follows:
    A: 7170 Bottle Type
    B: 7060 Bottle Type
    C: Beckman Bottle Type
    F: Toshiba Bottle Type
    H: 7020 Bottle Type