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Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin(NGAL)Assay Kit by Latex En-hanced

  • TypeRenal Function Determination Items
  • AbbreviationNGAL
  • Registration NumberHubei FDA (Approval) 2012 No.2401754(Renew)
  • Product Description NGAL is a biomarker of early renal function damage, which not only exists in neutrophils, also can appear in specific epithelial cells. For example, NGAL will significantly increase in renal tubular epithelial cells at the occurrence of ischemic and toxicity kidney injury and NGAL levels in urine and blood will increase significantly in the first two hours. Therefore the NGAL is a sensitive marker of early acute kidney injury.
  • Bottle TypeBasing on the bottle type, product model can be classified into 7170, 7060, 7020, Beckman, Toshiba, Mindray, Dupont, Innova, Siemens, KHB, Abbott, General type, etc.
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  • Product Details

    Cat. No. Specifications Total Volume
    SC58A225 R1:60ml×3 R2:45ml×1 225ml
    SC58A025 R1:20ml×1 R2:5ml×1 25ml
    SC58C100 R1:80ml×1 R2:20ml×1 100ml
    SC58A125/SC58D125 R1:50ml×2 R2:25ml×1 125m
    SC58A050/SC58B050/SC58H050/ SC58F050/SC58W050 R1:40ml×1 R2:10ml×1 50ml
    SC58A050/SC58B050/SC58H050/ SC58F050/SC58W050 R1:40ml×4 R2:20ml×2 200ml
    SC58A200/SC58B200/SC58H200/ SC58F200/SC58W200 R1:40ml×4 R2:40ml×1 200ml
    SC58A450 R1:60ml×6 R2:15ml×6 450ml
    SC58A450 R1:60ml×9 R2:45ml×3 675ml
    SC58C075 R1:60ml×1 R2:15ml×1 75ml
    SC58B225 R1:90ml×2 R2:45ml×1 225ml
    SC58F250/SC58H250/SC58EW250 R1:50ml×4 R2:50ml×1 250ml
    SC58H100/SC58B100/SC58A100 R1:40ml×2 R2:20ml×1 100ml
    SC58A225 R1:60ml×3 R2:15ml×3 225ml
    SC58A400 R1:40ml×8 R2:20ml×4 400ml
    SC58A400 R1:40ml×8 R2:40ml×2 400ml
    SC58A450/SC58B450 R1:60ml×6 R2:45ml×2 450ml

    Illustration: the letter in the Cat. No. represents different bottle types. Details are as follows:
    A: 7170 Bottle Type
    B: 7060 Bottle Type
    C: Beckman Bottle Type
    D: Common (Universal) Bottle Type
    F: Toshiba Bottle Type
    H: 7020 Bottle Type
    W: Toshiba 120 Bottle Type