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Urinary Total protein (UTP) Assay Kit By Endpoint Method

  • TypeRenal Function Determination Items
  • AbbreviationUTP
  • Registration NumberHubei FDA (Approval) No.20142402054
  • Product Description Urinary Total protein (UTP) is an important indicator to diagnose kidney disease. Elevated urinary total protein content found in high glomerular permeability, incomplete renal tubular reabsorption and abnormal protein secretion, etc.. The determination of urinary total protein and other specific proteins are often used to identify the increasing of permeability of plasma proteins through blood/brain barrier or the increasing of intrathecal immunoglobulin secretin.
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  • Product Details

    R:25ml×1  R:90ml×2
    R:40ml×1  R:90ml×3
    R:40ml×2  R:90ml×6
    R:40ml×4   R:100ml×1
    R:50ml×1   R:100ml×2
    R:50ml×2 R:6×72T
    R:50ml×4  R:12×72T
    R:50ml×8  R:1×230T
     R:50ml×10  R:1×460T
    R:60ml×1  R:1×550T
    R:60ml×2  R:2×550T
    R:60ml×4  R:4×550T
    R:60ml×8  R:8×550T