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Total Bilirubin (Tbil)Assay Kit By Oxidizing Method

  • TypeLiver Function Determination Items
  • AbbreviationTBil
  • Registration NumberHubei FDA (Approval) 2013 No.2401593 (Renew)
  • Product Description Bilirubin is the metabolic product of hemoglobin contain in aged red blood cells. Total bilirubin is elevated in toxic or virus hepatitis, hemolytic jaundice, pernicious anemia, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, polycythemia, neonatal jaundice, internal hemorrhag, hemolytic jaundice after transfusion, acute yellow atrophy, congenital abnormal bilirubin metabolism (Crigler-Najjar Syndrome, Gilbert Syndrome, Dubin-Johnson Syndrome),  fructose intolerance, etc. as well as intaking the drugs including salicyclic acid, erythromycin, rifampicin, progesterone, analgin, etc.
  • Bottle TypeBasing on the bottle type, product model can be classified into 7170, 7060, 7020, Beckman, Toshiba, Mindray, Innova, Siemens, KHB, Abbott, General type, etc.
  • Protocol Instructions
  • Product Details

    Cat. No. Specifications Total Volume
    SC22A225 R1:60ml×3 R2:45ml×1 225ml
    SC22B225 R1:90ml×2 R2:45ml×1 225ml
    SC22C100 R1:80ml×1 R2:20ml×1 100ml
    SC22A100/SC22A100 R1:40ml×2 R2:20ml×1 100ml
    SC22A075/SC22D075 R1:60ml×1 R2:15ml×1 75ml
    SC22A675 R1:60ml×9 R2:45ml×3 675ml
    SC22A040 R1:32ml×1 R2:8ml×1 40ml
    SC22H250/SC22F250/SC22W250 R1:50ml×4 R2:50ml×1 250ml
    SC22D150/SC22A150 R1:60ml×2 R2:30ml×1 150ml
    SC22A160 R1:32ml×4 R2:8ml×4 160ml
    SC22A450 R1:60ml×6 R2:45ml×2 450ml

    Illustration: the letter in the Cat. No. represents different bottle types. Details are as follows:
    A: 7170 Bottle Type
    B: 7060 Bottle Type
    C: Beckman Bottle Type
    D: Common (Universal) Bottle Type
    F: Toshiba Bottle Type
    H: 7020 Bottle Type
    W: Toshiba 120 Bottle Type